“We at B.O.T have never shied away from a challenge before and 2020 is not the year to start. So, we will face it head on by becoming more innovative, further inclusive, better connected and much more technologically advanced.” – Marianne Bitar Karam, B.O.T’s Founder and Managing Director.

This was the message we sent to all our stakeholders when 2020 started, and since then we’ve seen first hand what a positive mindset can do for a social enterprise.

In fact B.O.T now boasts a workforce of over 2,000 young women and men from low-income communities, we have successfully completed more than 180 projects which allowed us to disburse over 680,000 USD in supplemental revenue to our workforce.

In our very first social impact report which we called “Impact Stories of B.O.T” you will meet our amazing workforce in Lebanon and Jordan, see the teams behind all of this impact and hear testimonials from our clients who we’ve had the privilege to work with over the years.

Driven by our social impact, we hope you join us as we embark on a new journey by staying connected with us on our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube.

Here’s to a bigger impact and brighter future for our youth. Read the impact report here: bit.ly/3Hk0Px8