Outsourcing Services

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Service Options

Data Management

Data Entry
We digitize documents, ensuring quality and ease.
Data Cleansing
We detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database.
Data Categorization
We filter, organize, and categorize date for effective and efficient use.
Data Collection
We fetch, enter, validate, and post data with top notch quality control.
OCR Validation
We offer OCR validation and cleanup services to eliminate the chance of missing data and to retrieve lost data.

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Claims Management

Claim Data Entry on System
We digitize hard copies of data files with ease.

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E-Archiving & Indexing Services

Document Indexing and Archiving
We organize documents and their indexing and make documents easily accessible by associating these documents to specific entities.
Document Scanning & E-Archiving
We scan documents and convert them into digital files, offering e-archival services to prevent distribution of confidential data.
Document Re-Organization
We organize documents for structural efficiency.

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E-Commerce Listing

Online/Offline Data Collection and Listing
We fetch, enter, validate and post data with ensured quality control.
Content Cleansing
We detect and remove inaccurate content.
Content Categorization
We properly classify content using data classification systems.
Content Duplication
We trace and remove content duplicates.
OCR Validation
We offer OCR validation and cleanup services to eliminate the chance of missing data and to retrieve lost data.

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Transcription Services
We transcribe audio files into texts in 3 languages: English, Arabic & French.

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Market Research

Digitizing Surveys
We enter the data and digitize questionnaires and surveys.
On Site Surveys, Enumerators
We provide on-site surveys following your given set of questions, sample size, and target audience details.
Phone Call Surveys
We gather handy and useful insights through telephone surveys.
Online Surveys
We design and create online surveys for your given target audience.
Price Benchmarking in Stores
We provide competitive analysis of competitors’ pricing in a given market segment.

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AI Training Data

Sentiment Analysis
We provide qualitative analyzation of data to provide subjective information about your target audience and users.
Image Tagging & Annotation
We create descriptive labels and tags for your content with our Artificial Intelligence system to make it searchable or databaselike.
Content Categorization
We help categorize data with Artificial Intelligence to make it easily searchable.
Content Moderation (Approve or Reject Data)
We provide content moderation services to modify or remove inappropriate content, enhancing user experience.
Chatbot Intent Variation, Classification, and Recognition
We help you set your chatbot up and customize it to match your company’s tone of voice.

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