Outsourcing Services

Our workforce is pre-trained and will be selected
according to your company’s needs..


Service Options

Data Entry

We digitize documents, ensuring quality and ease.

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Data Cleaning

We detect and correct corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database.

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Data Categorization

We filter, organize, and categorize data for effective and efficient use.

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Data Collection

We gather, enter, validate and post data with top notch quality control.

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Document Scanning & E-Archiving

We scan documents and convert them into digital files, offering e-archival services to prevent distribution of confidential data.

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Digitizing Surveys

We enter the data and digitize questionnaires and surveys

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On Site Surveys, Enumerators

We provide on-site surveys following your given set of questions, sample size, and target audience details.

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Remote Surveys

We gather handy and useful insights through phone-call and online surveys.

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Price Benchmarking in Stores

We provide competitive analysis of competitors’ pricing in a given market segment.

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