When it comes to data collection projects, choosing the right tool is very similar to choosing a partner on the field. It needs to be reliable, trustworth, secure and most of all efficient.

We at B.O.T realize what a headache it could be sorting through hundreds of Data Collection Tools, this is why we made it easier by sharing with you our top 5 picks.

1. KoBoToolBox

  • Access Free tool with a publicly available instance specifically for Humanitarian Organizations
  • Use Offline mode for field data collection
  • Manage complex forms with skip logic and validation 
  • Import and Export XLS Forms
  • Create summary reports with graphs and tables

2. Survey CTO

  • Collect data Online and Offline for both Android and IOS
  • Monitor incoming data in real time or automate the monitoring process
  • Publish your data to the platform of your choice for visualization and analysis
  • Capture a wide variety of data types such as audio audits, media files, signatures and GPS position

3. JotForm

  • Use a tailored Solution for NGOs
  • Easily develop questionnaires with multiple field options including table charts
  • Integrate with popular software tools that help you manage your workflow

4. TypeForm

  • Very easy to use
  • Benefit  from export options
  • Integrate with popular software tools
  • Choose from available templates and start working fast to select from

5. SurveyMonkey

  • One of the most popular tools for Survey and Data Measurement
  • Free version available suitable for short surveys (limited to 10 questions) 
  • Access a Simple and User Friendly Tool

We’ve tested and tried all of these tools and we’re happy to recommend any of them for your future Data Collection Projects.

Looking to choose a Data Collection Arm for your NGO? Find out more about B.O.T’s Data Collection services by clicking here or write to us on sales@v2.letsbot.io .