If you are among the thousands of businesses that found themselves helpless during the coronavirus lockdown, uncertain when you will be able to reopen your store, how to maintain business continuity, and keep your sales going, you’ve come to the right place.

Having an online presence is no longer an additional option to consider, it is a necessity. Statistics and data show that a user is more likely to purchase a product online in the “spur of the moment” where their intent is higher than to have to process the time to arrive at the store and select their products; and with everyone stuck at home, internet browsing has surged and online shopping has become the safest alternative, so businesses who have no online presence have to catch up to the rest who are selling more than ever through their e-commerce websites or apps, social commerce channels, and dedicated delivery service.

Where to start?

Before you get too caught up in the moment, it’s important to assess your business model in order to decide on the proper “online shopping” experience you can offer to your customers and potential new ones. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have a big inventory?
  • Am I able to afford additional expenses such as a website hosting plan, a payment gateway integration?
  • Do I have enough human resources to handle a new storefront, one that is open to literally anyone and everyone?

Based on these answers, you can determine whether to go full throttle on an e-commerce platform, start off softly with a social commerce strategy, or have a mix of both.

In our upcoming #BigAsk discussion between BOT’s Marketing Manager Charbel Karam and the Digital Strategy Expert at Eastline Digital Leah Choueiry, we will be addressing the difference between e-commerce and social commerce, the different platforms available for each, and helping you assess the right strategy to adopt in order to take your retail business online and succeed in it:

  • What is e-commerce and what are the main differences between platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Lebanese startup ecomz?
  • What is social commerce and how to set up your store on Facebook and Whatsapp? 
  • How to reach your clients and streamline their purchase journey through the conversion funnel?

Want to know more about starting your journey in e-commerce? Join the #BigAsk discussion with the Digital Strategy Expert at Eastline Digital Leah Choueiry on Wednesday May 20th at 3pm EEST.

Register today by clicking on this link: https://bit.ly/2YXZLfc

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