During these unprecedented and uncertain times, the world is facing, it comes as no surprise that the situation has left most business owners frustrated, the situation is unheard of and almost no company has any contingency plans in place to combat a global pandemic.

Right about now, most of us would be getting ready to set new strategies for the second quarter of the year, and to assess the work done in the first quarter. With the global pandemic happening, work has come to a halt and not many people know how to go forth with their companies in this situation.

Sure, it’s easier to play the role of the victim, and surrender to the status quo, but the businesses that will bounce back from this epidemic’s consequences will be the ones who will reign on top, and it will be easier for them to bounce back more optimized and better equipped to face the next era.

What can businesses do today to survive post-pandemic?

1. Come to terms with the fact that there is no definite timeline for this situation, and that it is global.

It is essential to realize that money is no longer dynamic at the moment, and that this hiatus in regular economic and societal life has affected everyone on a global scale.

2. Come up with tactics for your company, and make a shift to adapt to the current times.

Tactics are the actual means used to achieve an objective, while strategy is the overall plan, which usually directs the tactical execution. With tactics, we usually work on short-term goals that are effective and quick, and have high requirements. Every company has shifted the way they do things, whether its turning to outsourcing work or to working from home, and this is a must for the survival of your business. One of the main keys is working on clear communication and having each employee know what is expected of them, developing bonds with your staff and colleagues, as this will play in your favor big time when you’re back to “Business as usual” mode and you’ll notice a different kind of synergy between everyone. 1

3. Ask for help

Reach out to experts, professionals, use your LinkedIn or your personal network, and make yourself available, because we’re telling you everyone else has more time on their hands, and if you know how to ask, people are more than willing to support you. Professionals who you previously thought were unattainable are now offering free-of-charge consultations.

Don’t have any network of your own, contact us now with literally whatever your business needs and we’ll connect you with the right support.

4. Do the things you always said you wanted to do for your company

You’ve been given the ultimate gift: “Time”
You are faced with much less noise, last minute requests, and interruptions. Now is the time to do everything you always wanted to do but never could.

For inspiration, you could take that coding course you’ve been putting off, or build that customer persona you always said you’d come around to “later”.

5. Keep your brand voice on social media, and don’t disappear

Keeping your content going on social media will generate love for your brand like never before, but only if you choose the right content, offer discounts, early memberships, or anything else that will show you are feeling with your customers during these difficult times. Adapting your communication is essential, and staying up to date on the latest trends and topics will get you far with your followers.

Remember, whoever gets out of this is made to survive

If your company can make it through this global pandemic, then your company is made to survive, and you can face any potential challenges that come your way in the future.

We can safely say that this year will go down in history, and the businesses that make it through will all be deemed “Success Stories”. So take our tips, or take someone else’s, but be sure to stay on top of it all by asking for help when you need it and learning new ways to cope.

Through this blog, we are making a pledge to every single reader:

“If you are a business owner that needs tactical or strategic support, we promise to connect you with the right individuals who can offer your business tips at no cost.”

Now, will you take a chance on yourself and ask for the help you need?

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1 https://www.bbc.com/worklife/article/20200312-coronavirus-covid-19-update-work-from-home-in-a-pandemic

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