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Written by: Perla Richa & Wassim Badr from Alter Talks

Today, it is critical to redefine how your organization interacts with its audience to avoid pitfalls of perceived insensitivity or shortsightedness.

Marketers across the world are learning to adapt to this new business climate by resetting rushed marketing plans and shifting how we talk to our customers online.

During a crisis, brand communication becomes even more important—so important that it is, quite possibly, a matter of life and death.

As we try to navigate these uncharted waters, we need to keep one thing in mind: we are all in the same boat and no one has a secret messaging playbook.

What we do have is tried-and-true crisis communication strategies. Using best practices in this era can help your company move forward and get you in a better position for when business eventually returns to normal. 

Step 1: Know your brand’s audience

To launch your communication reform plan, you need to start first by understanding your audience: Are they looking for updates on business continuation (home deliveries, shipping, etc.)? Are they worried about changes to your business (stock availability, price change, etc.)? Do they currently need advice, tips and free content?

When you understand their main concern, you need to think how your brand can establish relevance.

Step 2: Establish relevance

During difficult times, what people need from brands is to feel a form of understanding and help. A caring brand will manage to reinforce the emotional likeability of its customers and widen its target audience.

So… how can you help while staying loyal to your brands positioning and reason to be?

  • Move your operations online to overcome challenges and retain a two-way communication (even if you are a dietician, a doctor, clothing shop, etc.)
  • Provide information (free videos and informative reading material)
  • Provide entertainment and make sure your content remains positive to increase the audience’s receptivity
  • Offer free advice and help (free consultation sessions, coaching, challenges, etc.)

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About Alter Talks:

Alter Talks is a communication agency that takes brands further in their journey by actively leading and shaping what they have to say. We pride ourselves on creating experiences that include, inform and entice.

That comes through defining a crystal-clear communication strategy in line with the brand’s vision and goals, so business can grow, and a larger, loyal following comes in continuously and consistently.

Content has never been more important, and people are actively and aggressively listening. Say the right things… yet say them differently with Alter Talks!

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