About this Project:
The Geohealth project focuses on assessing the exposure of male and female Syrian refugee agricultural workers to pesticides and evaluating its impact on their neurobehavioral performance, considering various social stressors. This comprehensive study aims to provide valuable insights into the health risks faced by these workers due to pesticide exposure.

Number of Workforce: 40 individuals

Service Used: Field Data Collection

Recruitment and Training:

Assemble a dedicated team.
Extensive training to equip the team with necessary skills
Interview and Physical.


Performed detailed interviews and physical assessments.

Data Collection:

Successfully completed data collection.


Farmer Contacts

Issue: Difficulty in obtaining contact information for farmers.
Solution: Collaborated with the farmer consulate to acquire necessary contacts.

Phases of the Project:

Pilot Phase: Initial testing and refinement.

Wave 1: First major data collection phase.

Wave 2: Complete data collection and validate findings.