Meet B.O.T

B.O.T (Bridge. Outsource. Transform) is the first impact sourcing platform in the MENA region that provides high quality data services executed by skilled freelancers from low-income backgrounds. Our aim is to ensure women and youth have access to global and local digital work, giving them the platform to work their way up while securing a source of income.

Why Jordan?

  • Since showing substantial success in Lebanon since its inception in 2017, B.O.T’s expansion into Jordan in 2020 was one that made sense. In recent years, the country has seen a rise in interest among non governmental organizations that focus on education and development. This meant that its rural communities were ripe with upskilled women and youth who were left asking “what next?”. B.O.T’s livelihood model allows these individuals to utilize their talent to generate income and lead better lives.
  • The presence of nongovernmental organizations is also instrumental in B.O.T’s success in that with their presence lies opportunities for B.O.T talent to work, helping such organizations with the tasking duties of managing their large amounts of data. This is similarly true of organizations within the private and public sectors as well as organizations within Jordan’s booming ICT sector. B.O.T was also able to capitalize on existing partnerships with organizations such as UNICEF and Digital Opportunity Trust in Jordan in order to maximize B.O.T’s efforts. By doing so, B.O.T can keep true to its spirit of innovation by being the first impact sourcing platform in the MENA region, and similarly the first in Jordan.
  • From a socioeconomic standpoint, Jordan maintains a very high unemployment rate, nearly 50%. This highlights the need for B.O.T in Jordan and why it is important for youth to maintain sustainable livelihoods wherever they are able to.

Geography of Operations in Jordan

B.O.T prides itself on operating in all regions throughout the kingdom since its expansion in early 2020, however there remains a vision for growth into further governorates across Jordan. The areas which B.O.T currently operates in are:

  • Tafileh in the South
  • Madaba near the center
  • Amman in the center
  • Zarqa in the center
  • Irbid in the north

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